Technology has the ability to reach, expand and evolve.
Capabilities At Imaginnovate, we have teams to work on your product at any stage. Our teams work with you from idea to product delivery and beyond with maintenance and support services. We are your technology partner so that you can focus more on your core business.
Our Strategy team has worked with multiple verticals and keeps up with changing technology trends. We work with your team in defining a technology strategy and help in driving success of your product.
User experience greatly impacts the adoption rate for any product. Our UI/UX team understands the target customers for your product and the designs evolve through an iterative process, matching your vision to the end user.
We are agile, adapt to changing business strategies and help shorten the time to market of your product. We understand that communication is key for the successful delivery of a project and keep our customers always informed.
We make sure all our work is reviewed by QA multiple times and make sure the final product is bug free. Our customers are not additionally charged for QA and we take pride in delivering exceptional quality work.
Technology is changing every day and so are the needs of your customers. We offer flexible maintenance packages to take care of version changes and product updates. We keep track of customer reviews, app performance and suggest changes to improve customer experience.
We not only work with you in building your product dreams into reality, we also offer support for your product, so that you can focus on building your business. Our support offerings include, email, phone and chat support options and offer 24/7 response.