& Logistics
Customer Experience
At the end of the journey is the customer and businesses are investing to make sure the overall experience is exceptional for the customer. Digitization has disrupted the expectations of the end customer enabling them to track shipments in real-time and the ability to reach support from anywhere and anytime. Our Retainity platform allows businesses to provide exceptional customer experience by integrating various touch points and providing multiple channels for communication.
Employee Engagement
With higher levels of attrition in the trucking industry, it is important to equip employees either behind the wheel or behind the desk with tools that will help them to stay productive and simplify their work process. We have experience in building custom solutions to enterprises that improve the efficiency of internal teams and help them stay engaged with the company's direction.
Asset Visibility
Supply-chain is becoming critical and is impacting the bottom line of all enterprises. Visibility into assets and predicting their movement will enhance the utilization factor and increases competitive advantage. Imaginnovate has provided IOT based solutions to track fleets and manage asset movement for maximum utilization.
Intelligent Dashboards
Executives are presented with wide range of information and it is increasingly becoming difficult to swift through the information overload to make meaningful decisions. Digital transformation helps in intelligently identifying areas that require attention and provide real-time updates on overall operations. We build integrations with your data sets and provide real-time visibility to the stake holders.