Imaginnovate has over 6 years of experience in working with some of the most successful startups. We are a trusted partner in your startup journey and enable the founders to focus on business development while we take care of your technology needs.
Product Strategy
Choices made in building the core product architecture play an important role in the development of a technology product. Sometimes a technology direction can lead to an endless path, which can cost the Startup time and money. We work with Startup to understand their technology needs and suggest a roadmap which will help a startup to move fast and stay agile.
We enjoy working with Startups and are committed to their success. We offer mentor sessions to any startups that are accepted into an incubator or accelerator program.
We can help with
Web Development
Mobile app Development
Technology Strategy
Digital Commerce
Engagement Packages
Starter Package
Every idea needs to be prototyped & reviewed before presenting it to a larger audience. Starter package allows startup founders to create a basic working prototype which can be presented before trusted audience to get feedback. Imaginnovate provides technology strategy & development services in this package
Who is this for?
This package is best suited to startups that are less than 3 months and trying to determine product market fit.
A product should be tested in the market with ß customers. Creating an MVP version of the product requires the startup founders to create a working version that could be taken to the market and put to test. This is more involved and possibly requires integration with other services depending on the nature of the product.
Who is this for?
This package is best suited to startups that are less than 6 months and when the team has a good understanding on what they plan to build.
You created an MVP and the product market fit has been experimented. At this stage you are ready to move forward in expanding the product features and positioned to take on the world. We have engineers to augment your team and scale cost effectively. We offer 20% discount to startups that are part of our accelerator partner network.
Who is this for?
This package is for Startups that have validated their product, have users and are looking to grow and take their product to the next level.